wooden garden sieve/riddle

Hill and Sons

Traditional Garden Riddle, handcrafted by Hill & Sons, the last remaining wooden riddle and sieve manufacturer in Britain, established in 1846. Riddles are a centuries-old British design developed for sifting or winnowing twigs, roots, rocks and pebbles from garden soil. Standard 8" potting Riddle creates the perfect tilth for sowing seedlings and refining compost for the garden.

Steamed, seasoned English Beechwood frame with 1/8" handwoven fine galvanized steel wire mesh, these Riddles take several days to construct using traditional techniques, skills and equipment. A beautiful, functional piece of English gardening heritage for the potting shed. Sturdy, enduring, authentic high quality craftsmanship. Sustainable FSC wood. See a superb article on this disappearing tradition via the Guardian UK here.


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