pine pitch wilderness remedy

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Pine Pitch Wilderness Remedy, traditional backwoods 'first aid' healing salve. AKA Black Salve 'heal-all' or the 'Great Specific for all things that ail'; a soothing, warming, stimulating and purportedly antimicrobial salve and drawing ointment for minor scrapes, splinters, bug bites, stings, aches, sprains, etc. Beekeepers, bushcrafters, foresters, gardeners, etc, have long relied on this age-old herbal balm based on medicinal recipes of North American indigenous peoples and Northern Europeans of the cold upland Pine forest regions.

Handcrafted from three simple, natural ingredients: Pine 'pitch' {tree sap or resin} foraged in nearby woods, pure beeswax from a local apiarist, plus organic olive oil. Rich, refreshing, woodsy aroma {naturally occurring via Pine sap}. Generous economy size for the medicine cabinet, shed and cabin, in reusable glass 'Ball' Mason jars 125 ml/4.2 oz. Topical only. Handmade in the Halton Hills region of the Niagara Escarpment, ON.

Made in Canada



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