sheila maid airer



The Sheila Maid Airer from Britain, based on the winsome vintage Victorian design ‘Original Curved Shape’ of the cast iron cross girders, and which has endured as an iconic, charismatic model of old fashioned sense and sensibility for over a century. The Sheila Maid is a traditional British laundry drying rack which is suspended from the ceiling, with a tidy and modest appearance, and raised and lowered by a simple rope and pulley system. This clever device makes efficient and resourceful use of naturally rising warm air that collects in the unused ceiling space of our heated homes, thereby drying laundry with no extra energy {CO2}, cost or fuss; a tried and true innovation of domestic science.

The traditional ‘ceiling airer’ was a standard feature in British homes a century ago, and still prevails as a practical and reliable utility alternative to the costly electric tumble dryer. Natural pine wood rails {4} from sustainable Scandinavian forests. Solid, clear lacquered cast iron cross girders {2}, single and double pulleys {1 each} and cleat hook. Natural cotton Nutscene rope {10m}. Length 1.45m, width 38cm, height 15cm, weight 2kg. Maximum load 8 kg {via ceiling joists or beams}. Instructions included {'zoom in' +160% for best viewing}.

Spare Nutscene Ropes sold separately.


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