newfoundland wildflower honey



A rare honey from the wild island of Newfoundland. Here is the last place in North America, and one of the few safe havens in the world, to have naturally healthy bees, therefore, absolutely no pesticides nor chemicals are needed or used; only natural, sustainable beekeeping is practised. And in this neck of the woods, the wilds of Newfoundland remain remarkably pristine, only a handful of dairy farms dot the surrounding landscape. But limited production and local demand mean that this unusual, ultra pure Wildflower Honey is rarely found beyond the shores of the island.

This small Apiary was founded in 1973 with one colony and, against all odds, it thrives in the windswept paradise. The rugged Boreal Forest landscape of mountains, barrens and bogs won’t typically support bees - in fact they weren’t introduced to Newfoundland until 1927, and with little success. Nevertheless, despite long, harsh winters and extremely short foraging seasons, on an isolated rock in the frigid North Atlantic, somehow a handful of hardy honeybees manage to rustle up some incredibly unique and delicate floral nectar. Unpasteurized, will naturally crystalize. Glass jar, weight 500g.

5% of profits are donated to the Save Our Bees campaign of the Canadian Honey Council for urgent action in preventing the sudden and critical loss of honeybees in Canada.

Made in Canada



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