modern tide clock



**Time & Tide Clock also available - choose from drop-down menu**

Modern British design from the Cornish coast. Fresh, modest, minimalist form and standard nautical function. Smooth, solid steel face with tough powder coated, clean and fine finish in alabaster white. Synchronized to the moon's daily cycle, both the modern Tide Clock, and Time & Tide Clock {second photo}, provide an innovative and convenient *guide to tides. Simply set the 'tide' hand to the full tide position at exactly high tide for your chosen location - most accurate if set or re-set on the day of a full moon. The quartz movement is calibrated with the moon’s gravitational pull on the oceans therefore the ‘tide’ hand rotates every 12 hours and 25 minutes, giving the state of the tide at a glance. This design also provides an indication of how many hours remain until high or low water. 195mm diameter. Wall mounted. Made in the British Isles.

*Perfect for Atlantic Ocean tides {semidiurnal}; Pacific Ocean tide cycles {mixed semidiurnal} require regular adjustment. Tide Clocks are only ever intended as a simple guide, not for navigational use. Tides are also affected by atmospheric conditions too so take extra care.

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