logmatic splitting basket

System Logmatic


The Logmatic Splitting Basket completes the Finnish Logmatic wood splitting system. Used in conjunction with the Wedge Axe, the Splitting Basket securely supports several logs at once for splitting, and then functions as a smart log carrier, and log basket, at your fireside. This further adds to the ease of splitting firewood as there is no need to stoop down and collect the pieces of firewood to carry into the house or the woodshed. Robust steel and plywood construction provides a stable and level splitting support. LM-1000, height 33cm, weight 1.8kg, diameter 37cm. Assembly required. Also useful when splitting with a traditional axe!

Made in Finland/Estonia by a family business long established in the forestry industry.

Forexpo Safety Award winner in 2000 {European Silviculture and Forestry Development}.

Please visit www.logmatic.ca for more information.

5% of profits are donated to the Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association to promote wood fire safety. 



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