Tinder supplies a handful of general household & sundry goods for urban & rural dwelling. Sourced from traditional manufacturers & modern cottage industries, our inventory is based on simple utility & sound construction from durable raw materials fit for purpose {& re-purpose: repair, recycle, return to the elements}. We stock Feuerhand lanterns, Fashy 'hotties', Stanley flasks, Logmatic woodsplitters, Sheila 'maids', Kupilka ecoware, Damn Yak drygoods & handmade provisions from soaperies, weavers, chandlers, turners, etcetera.
We seek trade with studios, workshops & factories demonstrating integrity of production, local & further afield. We endeavour to support a small number of worthy causes {social & ecological} specific to Canada, with a modest portion of our profits {thanks to you}.
Please visit our NEWS blog for shop updates, such as new arrivals, secret sales, inventory reductions, shipping news, etcetera.
Tinder was founded in 2008, in a forested ocean cove in windswept Nova Scotia {but has since moved to the Big Smoke}.



UNDERGOING METAMORPHOSIS.......... Stay tuned....!