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Inuit wildcrafted Tea from Canada’s Far North. Cloudberry, Crowberry, Juniper, Arctic & Labrador Teas, five rare and delicate Arctic flora infusions uniquely blended and inspired by traditional knowledge of the Inuit ancestors. From time immemorial, the Inuit of Nunavik have used wild plants from the Arctic tundra for their curative powers and subtle essences. Each deeply aromatic and richly jewel-toned infusion can be enjoyed for winter warming comfort or icy cold refreshment.

All the Arctic plants used in the teas are harvested carefully by hand. The blossoms, leaves and stems are dried in open-air dryers, and meticulously sorted by hand. No mechanical equipment is employed at any phase of production, respecting ancestral Inuit preparation methods. The dry and fragile Arctic tundra must be protected to ensure that plant life renews itself and continues to provide important resources for the people. The people of Nunavik take part in every step of tea production, which serves to promote Inuit culture to the four corners of the world and helps finance the efforts of Elders to pass their culture on to Inuit youth. Contains no sugar, artificial flavours, caffeine or preservatives. 20 Tea bags, 5 flavours per box, net weight 30g.

Northern Delights Fine Inuit Herbal Tea is an initiative of Avataq Cultural Institute, a non-profit organization created in 1980, dedicated to the protection and advancement of the language and culture of the Inuit of Nunavik {Northern Quebec}.

For the composition of each Tea infusion, visit here.

For the traditional plant remedies of each Tea, visit here.

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